Bats in TV series
Name Unknown
Species Bats
Gender Male/Female
Status Alive
Mate Each other
Offspring Unknown
First Book Appearance Unknown
First TV Appearance Out and About
Voiced by Rupert Farley

Ron Moody

Sally Grace (Chief Bat)
Stacy Jefferson (Deputy Chief)

The Bats appear in the books and the TV series. In the books, they are encountered by Tawny Owl in the belfry of the church as he retraces the route taken by the Farthing Wood animals on their original journey to White Deer Park. In the TV series, they are encountered by Owl in the belfry of the church tower as she searches for a mate.


The bats return to the belfry at dawn only to find Tawny Owl roosting inside. They take exception to his presence in the belfry as they see him as a threat to them and they fly around his head as he tries to sleep. Tawny Owl tries to reason with them but they do not listen and continue to fly around telling him to leave their belfry. He also tries to chase them but they prove too quick for him and he is forced to perch inside the belfry again. He finally tells them that he is the Farthing Wood Owl and that he can extend the oath to them to assure their safety. The bats do not understand what this means and silently try to puzzle it out, which finally allows Tawny Owl to sleep. At dusk Tawny Owl awakes to see all the bats sleeping around him and he flies away from the church.

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