Blue Foxes

Scarface, and two of his sons looking down on Fox and Friendly.

The Silver Foxes are residents of White Deer Park and recurring antagonists in the TV series. They are led by Scarface and his mate Lady Blue. The blue foxes feel threatened when Fox and the other Farthing Wood animals arrive at White Deer Park and feel the need to get rid of them.

The blue foxes are actually a silver fox, a colour variant of the common red fox. Despite the name, silver foxes can vary greatly in colour, and some are actually bluish-grey, which is the colour of the blue foxes in the series. In the books they are regular red foxes like Fox and Vixen, but they are changed to blue in the TV series to avoid confusion between the different fox families. Strangely none of the blue Foxes appear in Series 3, except for Ranger.

Known Silver FoxesEdit

Books and TV series
  • Scarface, the leader of the silver foxes. He appears in twelve of the thirteen episodes of season 2. He is bitten by Adder and dies in Episode 26: Reconcilation.
  • Lady Blue, the mate of Scarface. She appears in twelve episodes of season 2. In a letter from Steve Walker, it was revealed that she was originally meant to be in season 3, but her character was scrapped, along with Friendly (who was scrapped after one appearance). She is unnamed in the books.
  • Ranger, a son of Scarface and Lady Blue. He appears in seven episodes of season 2, and every episode of season 3. He becomes the mate of Charmer after the death of his father.
  • Bounder, another son of Scarface and Lady Blue. He is only named in one episode of season 2, but may have appeared in several earlier episodes before his name is revealed. He dies when he is bitten by Adder, which is one event that leads up to the feud between the red and blue foxes. He is unnamed in the books.
TV series only
  • Ranger's sister, a daughter of Scarface and Lady Blue. She makes three cameo appearances in the second season, then she completely disappears.


Television Series
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