Brat in the TV series
Name Brat
Species Brown Rat
Gender Male
Status Deceased (books)
Alive (TV series)
Cause of Death Bitten by Sinuous (in books)
Mate Unknown
Offspring Unknown
First Book Appearance Battle for the Park
First TV Appearance Comings and Goings
Voiced by Rupert Farley (UK)
Walter von Hauff (Germany)

Brat is Bully’s right-hand rat. In the books, he is a brown rat, while in the TV series he is portrayed as having an orange-yellow color. Brat often reports to Bully with developments in White Deer Park which affect the rats' plans to take it over. In the books Brat is killed by Sinuous as the rats try to kill her, but in the TV series he survives and leaves the park with the other rats when Bully's tail is bitten off by Cleo.


Brat is one of Bully’s lieutenants and one of the more senior rats of the plague, although his role is relatively minor. He first appears when the rats invade the pond and tells Bully when Toad tries to stand up to them. He later appears with the group that captures Adder and the hunting party that later tries to kill Sinuous. When the rats attack Sinuous she strikes Brat, killing him with her venom, and his body is left behind with no sympathy from Bully after the snake has been killed.



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