The Carp in the TV series
Name Carp
Species Common Carp
Gender Unknown
Mate Unknown
Offspring Unknown
First Book Appearance The Animals of Farthing Wood
First TV Appearance Whistler's Quarry
Voiced by Jeremy Barrett

The Carp appears in the first book and the TV series. In the book the carp catches Toad when he is swimming in the quarry during the rain, but is unable to swallow him due to his size. Whistler fishes the carp out of the water and it releases Toad from its mouth. Toad sees it struggling and asks Whistler to put it back in the water, which Whistler soon does. In the TV series the events are the same except the carp catches Toad while he is trying to catch fish underwater and Whistler catches it as it is jumping in and out of the water.



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