Dash in the TV series
Name Dash
Species European Hare
Gender Female
Status Alive
Mate Unknown
Offspring Unknown
First Book Appearance Battle for the Park
First TV Appearance Comings and Goings
Voiced by Pamela Keevilkral (UK)
Madeleine Stolze (Germany)

Dash is a hare who appears in the books and the TV series. She is Leveret's daughter in both the TV series and the books.

Dash is very energetic and always wants to test her speed against other animals, although most of them are reluctant to do so. She is very good friends with Plucky and regularly races him, winning every race they run (although Plucky comes very close to winning on one occasion in the TV series, but Weasel gets in his way). She is also very keen to explore outside White Deer Park, which she does on more than one occasion when Plucky goes missing and she tries to find him.


Dash enjoys regular races against Plucky, which she always wins, and wants to test her speed properly by running across the downland. Plucky convinces her not to leave the park, but when he goes missing Dash employs the rabbits to dig under the boundary fence for her and she leaves the reserve to search for her friend. She fails to find him and on her return she notices humans rounding up animals and taking them from the reserve. She follows the van across the downland and discovers the animals are being taken to a new reserve surrounded by high walls. She tells Fox, who organises a rescue party, but they cannot find a way to get Plucky out.

Dash becomes depressed without her friend and tries to get herself caught, but the humans are no longer in the park. Eventually Plucky escapes and is reunited with Dash, and the two friends are able to play again together. When Adder is captured by the rats Dash goes for help while Plucky goes to rescue him. During the final battle Dash and her father head across the reserve telling the park's inhabitants to come and join the fight against the rats. After the rats leave the reserve Dash discovers that White Deer Park has suddenly extended onto the downland and joins with the other reserve, finally giving her a chance to properly test her speed.



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