"Sorry, Owl."
— Dreamer's only line in the series
Dreamer in Series 2
Name Dreamer
Species Red Fox
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Cause of Death Killed by Scarface
Mate None
Offspring None
First Book Appearance Fox's Feud
First TV Appearance A Joke Backfires
Voiced by Stacy Jefferson (Televison Series)
Sally Grace (Audio Production)
Simone Weyrich (Germany)

Dreamer is a red fox who was born in White Deer Park. She is the daughter of Fox and Vixen. She is seen in both the books and the TV series. As her name suggests, Dreamer is prone to daydreaming and often wanders off from the rest of her family, which would get her into trouble. In the books, she is brutally killed as she and her family try to escape from an attack by Scarface, but in the TV series she is found dead by Fox with no clear indication of who killed her, although Fox and Bold assume it was Scarface.


Dreamer is born during the spring along with Bold, Charmer and Friendly. She is given her name because she is constantly wandering off from the other cubs to explore her surroundings, seemingly in a world of her own.

When Vixen teaches the cubs how to hunt, Dreamer shows little aptitude for it and fails to catch anything bigger than insects and earthworms. When Scarface tries to attack Bold, Dreamer goes missing and is later found dead, her body having been brutally savaged by Scarface.

TV SeriesEdit

Just like in the books, she always wanders away from her families. She is first carried back by Fox, but she runs off again, this time chased back by Bold, after getting bitten on the tail.

She later tries sneaking away again, but is found spotted by Owl, and says her only lines in the series, "Sorry Owl."


She is later found dead, but not like in the books, leaving some speculation that it could have been an adder, possibly Adder or Sinuous, that accidently bit her due to her not paying attention and stepping on one of them. However, it is more likely that the programme-makers did intend for her to be killed by Scarface, as in the books, but sanitised the scene so as not to upset the young audience. Her death is the major reason the red and blue foxes feud begins.

Physical Appearance Edit Edit

Like her brothers and sister, Dreamer was a light shade of orange, with a small "ruff" at her cheeks like other red vixens have. Around her eyes were rounded cream patches that connected with her cheek patches (which came in at a point about halfway up her muzzle) - she was the only red fox in the series to have this. Her cheek patches disconnected with the cream-coloured fur on her underbelly (it ended in a curve, like her Mother's and brother Friendly's). Like her siblings and Father, her tail ended in a cream tip.



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