Bruno in the TV series
Name Jack (books)
Bruno (TV series)
Species Dog (Bullmastiff)
Gender Male
Mate None
Offspring None
First Book Appearance The Animals of Farthing Wood
First TV Appearance False Haven
Voiced by Ron Moody (UK)
Benno Hoffmann (Germany)

Jack is a Bullmastiff who appears in the first book and the TV series. In the TV series he is known as Bruno. Jack is the incompetent guard dog of the farmer Tom Griggs, who treats him very badly for being so bad at his job.


Tom Griggs orders Jack to guard the Farthing Wood animals in the storeroom until he gets back. However, he is distracted by Adder and doesn't notice that the animals are tunneling to safety. When Mr Griggs returns and discovers the animals are gone, he blames Jack for their escape and aims a kick at him. Jack pursues the animals, but Fox heads back to deal with him. Fox outwits Jack and convinces him that there would be no point in killing him, so Jack returns to the farm.

TV seriesEdit

Bruno's role in the TV series is essentially the same as in the book but with a few additions. In the TV series he alerts his master to the presence of Mrs Pheasant, and he shoots her dead. After locking the animals in the barn, Tom Griggs returns in time to see Fox escaping down the tunnel, but Bruno gets in his way as tries to shoot him, and Fox is able to escape. Bruno is also present when his master shoots Pheasant as he looks for Adder.



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