Laird in the TV series
Name Laird
Species Red Deer
Gender Male
Mate Unknown
Offspring Unknown
First TV Appearance The Worst Kind of Hurricane
Voiced by Jeremy Barrett (UK)
Timothy Bateson (Spirit of Survial - Audio Production)
Peter Fricke (Germany)

Laird is a white deer who appears in the third TV series. He is the grandson of The Great White Stag. Laird is the only deer to help free Trey from under a tree in the TV series, and fights off the other stags to become leader of the herd shortly afterwards. Like his grandfather, Laird is friendly with the Farthing Wood animals, and he helps them to win the final battle against the rats by employing the other stags to trample them, though is slightly more hesitant to help the animals than he grandfather was in the past.

Traditionally, a "Laird" is a member of the Scottish gentry, which reflects the character's Scottish accent, and his status as leader of the white deer herd, as well as his relation to a previous leader, The Great White Stag.


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