Mateless in TV series
Name Mateless
Mirthful (books)
Species European Mole
Gender Female
Status Deceased (books)
Unknown (TV Series)
Cause of Death Old Age (Books, and possibly TV Series)
Mate Mole
Offspring Mossy
Unnamed female pup (TV series)
Various unnamed pups (books)
First Book Appearance Fox's Feud
First TV Appearance New Enemies
Voiced by Stacy Jefferson

Mirthful is a mole who appears in the books and the TV series. She becomes the mate of Mole after he arrives in White Deer Park. She is originally named Mateless, but when she mates with Mole she is given her new name by Badger. However, in the TV series only her old name is ever used. In the books she gives birth to several pups including Mossy, but dies sometime before the events of The Siege of White Deer Park. In the TV series she only gives birth to Mossy and his unnamed sister and disappears between the second and third series.


Mateless originally meets Mole when she tunnels into one of his tunnels. Mole offers to share his food with her and tells her all about his friends and their journey from Farthing Wood, and they soon become mates. After a while Mole introduces her to Badger, who is delighted to see her but remarks that her name is no longer suitable. Mateless asks Badger to give her a new name, and he decides to call her Mirthful after he hears her laughing. She asks Badger whether he has to live alone and remarks that there are other badgers living in the park, but he tells her that he is too old to change his ways.

This is Mirthful's only appearance in the book series as she has passed away by the start of The Siege of White Deer Park, which is set nearly two years later.



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