Crow in TV series
Name Robber (books)
Crow (TV series)
Species Carrion Crow
Gender Male
Mate Unnamed female crow (books)
Offspring Various unnamed chicks (books)
First Book Appearance The Fox Cub Bold
First TV Appearance Like Father, Like Son
Voiced by Jeremy Barrett (UK)
Tommi Piper (Germany)
Harald Mæle (Norway)

Robber is a carrion crow who appears in the books and the TV series. In the TV series he is known simply as Crow. Robber is one of the first creatures encountered by Bold when he leaves White Deer Park and the two agree to help feed each other when Robber discovers that Bold is a Farthing Wood creature. He also directs Bold's family to his hiding place shortly before the young fox's death. Robber is given his name by Bold because he steals food left for other animals, which is the nature of a carrion crow.


Robber first meets Bold on the downland and warns him about his daytime activity as there are humans around. He later discovers Bold after he has been shot and, after hearing he is the son of the famous Farthing Wood Fox, agrees to alert Shadow of his condition, and also helps to feed the young fox himself. After Bold is caught by the farmers and their dog, Robber tells him about the town and leads him in that direction. When Bold arrives they make an agreement to feed each other, but when Bold meets Whisper Robber calls off the agreement so that Bold can stay in her earth instead.

Several weeks later Robber sees some food left for him by Bold and fears the fox is in trouble, so he goes to investigate. He sees Bold stuck in a small hole in the wall and attacks Rollo, who he believes to be about to attack Bold. Rollo strikes Robber and knocks him to the ground, but the crow soon recovers and is told that Rollo wants to be friends.

When Bold and Whisper decide to head back to White Deer Park, Robber offers to follow their progress, and he helps to feed them several times along the way. When he discovers Bold exhausted on open land he heads back to the town to get Rollo to bring food for them. When they return to Bold, Robber sees a greyhound about to attack the young fox and distracts it for as long as possible. The greyhound eventually gets past him but Rollo is there to stop it from killing Bold.

When Bold goes into hiding, Robber notices him and offers to feed him, but the injured fox wants to wait for his death. Robber notices Fox and Friendly searching outside the park and leads them to Bold, joining up with Vixen and Charmer along the way. Two months after Bold's death Robber arrives at White Deer Park and tells Whisper that he has found a mate, and they reminisce before parting with affection.



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