Rollo HQ
Rollo in Series 3
Name Rollo
Species Canis lupus familiaris
Gender Male
Status Alive
Mate None
Offspring None
First Book Appearance The Fox Cub Bold
First TV Appearance A Time of Reckoning
Voiced by Ron Moody (UK)
Michael Gahr (Germany)
Peter Wannberg (Sweden)
Trond Brænne (Norway)

Rollo is a dog who appears in the books and the TV series. In the books he is an English Mastiff, but in the TV series he is a St Bernard. Rollo becomes a friend of Bold and Whisper, although they originally see him as a threat because of his constant loud barking. He helps Bold by making a hole in the wall so he can get to Whisper's earth and by fighting off a pair of hounds who were attacking him.

In the third TV series, Rollo becomes a sheepdog before agreeing to help the weasels by feeding and protecting them. Later on he is owned by The Warden and helps Plucky to come up with a plan to make the Warden aware of the rats. He also finds Shadow when she is injured by a falling tree and helps the Farthing Wood creatures to fight off the rats in the final battle. None of these things happen in the books.


The Fox Cub BoldEdit

Rollo encounters Bold and Whisper at their earth and barks loudly outside for several nights, but they see him as a threat and remain in hiding. One day he sees Bold and pursues him, but Bold becomes stuck as he tries to get through a small hole in the wall. Rollo tells Bold he just wants to be friends, but Robber attacks him and the large dog strikes him, knocking him to the ground. Robber soon recovers and Bold agrees to be friends with Rollo as he could be a useful ally. Rollo helps Bold to widen the hole in the wall again and arrives at the foxes' earth several times during the day while they are trying to sleep.

When Bold tells him that the foxes' will be leaving the town Rollo becomes very upset but he agrees to share his food with them for a few days before they leave. Some time later Robber arrives and tells Rollo that Bold needs some good food, so Rollo digs up a bone and takes it for them to eat. When he arrives Bold is being attacked by a greyhound, so he grabs it by the neck, shaking it and casting it away. Rollo brings the foxes his bone and a hare that had been killed by another greyhound, before heading back home to his master. When he gets back he discovers that his master has been looking for him all night and the two become closer than they had ever been before.



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