Charmer Catches Scragg
Scragg is caught by Charmer
Name Scragg
Species Rattus norvegicus
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Mate Unknown
Offspring Unknown
First TV Appearance Tiffs and Tempers
Voiced by Jon Glover (possibly Ron Moody)

Scragg is a minor character that only appears in the third series as a male brown rat loyal to Bully and his plague army.

When the adult rats occupy the area near the pond, they are ambushed by the Farthing Wood foxes causing them to scatter in all directions. Scragg was too slow to escape and his tail was caught by Charmer. The vixen then proceeded to snatch him up and chew him to death before thrusting his remains before Bully as a demonstration.

Scragg became the first shown casualty of the war between the park inhabitants and the rats.


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