The second series of The Animals of Farthing Wood chronicled the adventures of the Farthing Wood animals immediately after reaching White Deer Park. It was based on In the Grip of Winter, Fox's Feud and The Fox Cub Bold, but also included a sub-plot from The Siege of White Deer Park. It was originally broadcast in the United Kingdom in 1994.


Episode Title UK Airdate
A Heroes' Welcome 7 January 1994
The Farthing Wood animals have arrived at White Deer Park and are greeted readily by the park's inhabitants. However, some of the inhabitants are not pleased to see them, including a sinister, scar faced blue fox called Scarface. Scarface regards himself as the second most powerful creature in White Deer Park (after The Great White Stag) and doesn't want the Farthing Wood animals to be in the park. Fox and Vixen look forward to a quiet life but the other animals come to them looking for protection. The animals go to see The Great White Stag who gives them their own land within the park.
Winter 14 January 1994
A harsh winter arrives and the animals find it difficult to find food. Whistler and Speedy share their crayfish with the others, but they eventually grow sick of the same diet. Badger is injured while out walking and is cared for by The Warden. Badger asks Cat to tell his friends that he is safe; he does so, but Kestrel attacks him when she thinks he is about to attack Mole.
Survival 21 January 1994
Vixen nurses Cat back to health, but he escapes when nobody is watching him and tells Badger about the attack. Scarface terrorises Weasel and forces her to become his spy. The smaller animals become suspicious that the larger animals will try to eat them. After Fox scolds Weasel for being nosy again, Mrs Vole is left unguarded, giving Scarface enough time to leap out of his territory to kill and eat her. Badger returns and suggests that they all live with the Warden, but he is turned away when he returns there and decides that he should return to the wild.
New Enemies 28 January 1994
Spring is starting to arrive and Mole meets a female mole called Mateless. The Warden falls ill and is taken away, and poachers arrive in the park and start shooting the white deer. Fox comes up with a plan to get rid of the poachers and lures them onto the thawing pond so that they fall through the ice. Vixen tells Fox she is expecting his cubs.
A Joke Backfires 4 February 1994
The poachers return looking for revenge over Fox, but start shooting at every fox in the park. Spring has arrived and Vixen and Lady Blue give birth, as do Mrs Hare and Mrs Rabbit. Badger is worried that Mole has gone missing. The Warden returns and Fox lures the poachers towards his cottage, where the Warden comes out with a gun and finally stops the poachers.
Home Is Where the Heart Is 11 February 1994
Adder and Toad awake from hibernation, but Toad's homing instinct takes him back towards Farthing Wood. Vixen is teaching her cubs to hunt and Mateless tells her of Mole's recent death. They try to tell Badger but he mistakes Mossy for Mole. Toad meets a female toad called Paddock and they are both captured in jars by a human boy, but Kestrel and Whistler rescue them. Toad is released from the jar by the Warden and introduces himself to Paddock.
The Feud Begins 18 February 1994
Fox discovers that Dreamer has been killed and blames Scarface. Bold heads off into Scarface's land and gets captured, but uses his cunning to escape. Hare tells Fox that Bold has been captured and Fox goes with Friendly to rescue him. When Fox discovers that Bold has escaped he turns on his son and Bold decides to leave the park because he wants space away from his family.
Like Father, Like Son 25 February 1994
Bold has left White Deer Park and meets Crow and a badger called Shadow. A human sets a trap for him but it catches Shadow and Bold saves her, injuring his eye in the process. In the park, Mrs Hare is killed by Scarface and Fox asks Weasel and Measley to get Adder to kill Scarface by stealth, but they give her the wrong message and she kills Bounder instead. Ranger and Charmer meet for the first time, and they quickly fall in love. Bold says goodbye to Shadow and heads off, but the human shoots him, crippling his back leg.
Narrow Escapes 4 March 1994
Bold is badly injured and Crow fetches Shadow to help him. Charmer meets Ranger while it's her turn to stand guard against Scarface and they are caught by a furious Friendly. Ranger tells Scarface that he has seen Adder and Scarface attacks her, biting off the end of her tail as she escapes. Shadow brings Bold some food, but he decides to head off on his own and, after an unsuccessful attempt to catch a chicken, heads off towards the town.
Shadows 11 March 1994
Bold and Crow arrive in the town and make a deal to share any food they find. Friendly tells his parents about Charmer and Ranger's friendship, leaving Fox furious. Mossy tells them that Badger is dying and they head off to see his final moments. Charmer introduces Ranger to Fox and Ranger promises not to take sides in the feud. Meanwhile, Bold meets a vixen called Whisper and they hunt together before staying in her earth.
A Time of Reckoning 18 March 1994
Now sharing a den, Bold and Whisper continue to grow closer. Bold later finds a dog called Rollo barking at Whisper, but Rollo turns out to be friendly and helps to make a hole in the wall so Bold can get back to the earth. Whisper tells Bold that she is expecting his cubs and that she wants them to be born in White Deer Park. Bold reluctantly agrees and they head off, but Bold struggles with the journey. Bold is attacked by two dogs, but Crow and Rollo fight them off. Back in the park, Vixen and Lady Blue engage in a vicious fight, which leaves Vixen scarred on the shoulder and Lady Blue's right ear in tatters.
Blood Is Thicker Than Water 25 March 1994
Infuriated by Lady Blue's wounds following her fight with Vixen, Scarface decides launch an attack the Farthing Wood animals. Ranger warns Friendly and the animals hide in Fox and Vixen's earth. When Scarface arrives with his pack of blue foxes, Fox challenges Scarface to single combat, which Scarface accepts. Though Scarface initially dominates the fight, Fox eventually gets the upper hand and severely injures Scarface. When the Warden suddenly appears, the victorious Fox allows Scarface to limb away. Meanwhile, Bold and Whisper continue their journey back to White Deer Park. Else where, Adder decides it is time to go forward with her plan of revenge against Scarface.
Reconciliation 30 March 1994
Bold and Whisper arrive at the park, and, as Whisper looks for food, Bold crawls away to die. In the park, the animals celebrate Fox's triumph over Scarface- but Scarface makes a shocking return, vindictively killing Mrs Rabbit. As Scarface drinks from a stream, Adder sneaks up on him and bites him in the leg, poisoning and finally killing the tyrant. Adder tells Toad that she killed Scarface and the news spreads among the Farthing Wood animals. Whisper enters the park and tells Fox and Vixen of Bold's condition. They head off to see him and Fox apologizes to Bold before he dies. Ranger and Charmer arrive and Fox finally gives the young foxes his blessing.

VHS releaseEdit

The second series was released on VHS in the United Kingdom in 1994. It was split into three videos; each video combining several TV episodes to form a feature-length episode of the series. Due to time contraints on the VHS, many scenes from the series were cut, meaning that the episodes were never released in full on any home media until the complete series DVD was released in 2016.

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