The third series of The Animals of Farthing Wood chronicled the further adventures of the Farthing Wood animals in White Deer Park and some characters' adventures outside the park. It was based on In the Path of the Storm and Battle for the Park, also including a sub-plot from The Siege of White Deer Park. However, the main plot of the latter was not used as a major storyline because it was considered too dark and frightening for younger audiences. It also included a brand new storyline following the weasels' quest to find a suitable home for their new children. It was originally broadcast in the United Kingdom in 1995.


Episode Title UK Airdate
1. Comings and Goings 28 September 1995
The Great White Stag goes to take a drink from a stream near the boundary. In the distance a plague of rats come scurrying towards the fence. Many of the Animals have had children and even grandchildren. Fox's grandson Plucky wanted a race with Dash. Weasel is going to have children which Weasel was not happy about. Whistler who was flying around White Deer Park sees The Great White Stag at the stream. He was drinking from it with his head nearly touching the water with his eyes closed, and then he collapses. Whistler realized that he perished from drinking and that the stream was poisoned. He went and alerted Fox and the other animals. Fox had figured out that a bad tempered deer named Trey would take his place. Owl had flown away to go look for a mate. Meanwhile, a plague of rats head towards The Great White Stag's dead body led by a big white rat named Bully. Elsewhere, when Plucky and Dash take a drink at a pond, they get encountered by Trey and he tells them that it's his pond. He will not let any non-deer residents drink from it. The rats had been watching and they were about to capture Mossy until Measley scared them away. The weasels had a great chase from Trey after that, strongly showing the stag's hate against the weasels. Weasel had decided for she and Measley to leave White Deer Park. Meanwhile, Shadow the badger arrives at White Deer Park with a mate named Hurkel and a snake named Sinuous who mates Adder and some voles arrive at the park as well.
2. Out and About 5 October 1995
Plucky and Dash race again, while Trey harasses the other Farthing Wood animals. Owl left the park in search of a mate and the Weasel family have left to start a new life in a farmyard. They cause trouble for the animals living there and they're forced to leave the place. Meanwhile, Bully and his rats begin to build their numbers.
3. Water, Water 12 October 1995
Trey harasses Plucky and the animals again, telling them that they only white deer can drink in the clean pond. If you must drink, do so in the stream or when it rains. Water becomes an issue for the animals of White Deer Park. Shadow and Hurkel arrive at the park, with Shadow getting extremely ill from drinking the stream water. Hurkel realizes after that the stream was poisoned and scrambles as quickly as possible to get her fresh water.
4. The Missing Fox's Friend 19 October 1995
Meanwhile outside White Deer Park, Owl encounters a rook named Moth-Eaten Rook who wants to talk to her. However, Owl flies away with the rook following her. While the number of Bully's rats continues to grow, so does the number of missing animals. When Dash sees Plucky being taken away in a cage to a truck, she decides to follow the truck only to be shut out of a mysterious human establishment surrounded by high walls and spike-top gates. Meanwhile, the Weasels to stay at a farm, but the animals wouldn't let them stay. They gain a new protector who is Rollo the Sheep Dog.
5. Tiffs and Tempers 26 October 1995
Weasel and Measley find a seemingly nice burrow for them to live when they discover it is being occupied by vicious wildcats. Their loyal "weasel dog" Rollo comes to their rescue. Meanwhile, Fox confronts Trey and tells him that he'll either come to hell or high water, Trey will respect the other animals of the park and he will step down as leader if one of the stags can fight against him for leadership. Also Ranger, Charmer, and Whisper confront Bully for the first time and he makes his

intentions clear; to take over the entire park for himself and his rats. Charmer, Ranger and Whisper kill all of the rats with rats that were aiding Bully, but Bully tells them that there are still hundreds of rats coming, then he escapes into a nearby pond.

6. Adventure for the Birds 2 November 1995
The weasel family are still looking for another home away from White Deer Park. While the rest of the Farthing animals are still trying to find out where the missing animals are, it is up to Whistler to solve it. He follows the truck to a walled-in nature reserve. When Plucky finds him, he tells him that the place is a new sanctuary. Although it's a nice place, many of the animals were separated from their families. Meanwhile, Owl is still trying to escape the Moth-Eaten Rook, who says he loves her, but gets into trouble when she hides in a house.
7. The Long-Tailed Visitor 9 November 1995
Bully has asked a rat named Spike to befriend a Farthing animal for him. He finds Toad the next morning and became his matey and Toad told him that the weasels have gone. While the stags fight for leadership of the herd, Fox is visited by Bully and his minions who threaten his life. To

ensure the park's safety, Fox orders an attack on the rats' headquarters, but the rat casualties was nothing compared to the ever growing population. Meanwhile, Owl is awoken by the sound of a male owl who is also mateless. Meanwhile, while the weasels and Rollo have a nap, Cleo and Fido jump in a dog bowl which flows down a river. However, at a bridge the Chief Wildcat from the episode Tiffs and Tempers prepares to bounce on the weasel pups, but they were saved by Rollo and some terrapins that took them back to shore. Unfortunately when Measley wanted to go back to White Deer Park and Weasel said no, Rollo did and he became The Warden's Pet.

8. Scared Silly by Snakes 16 November 1995
The two snakes make their way into Bully's headquarters to try to kill

him. However, they end up frantically trying to escape as hundreds of rats chase after them. Plucky escapes the new sanctuary to return home and Owl ends up coated in cement that quickly sets. Meanwhile, Fido and Cleo make a new friend. A piglet who has named himself I'll Never Be Sausages.

9. A Bigger Oink 23 November 1995
The animals in White Deer Park are still trying to deal with the army of rats and try to make the Warden aware of the problem. Meanwhile, the weasels and the piglet come across a copse with a grumpy Wild Boar living there. Bully forms a task force to hunt down and kill the snakes. They find Sinuous, thinking it's Adder and kill him. Hurkel and Shadow try to comfort Adder as Bully slinks away unnoticed.
10. The Mole Game 30 November 1995
Toad and Spike invent a game called "The Mole Game" They have to guess where Mossy the Mole will come up. Ranger ends up winning when Charmer asks what Toad and Spike are doing, which quite makes his day. Adder has vowed to kill as many rats as she can to avenge her mate's death. Owl is still imprisoned in her jacket of building cement, and a few other fellow flappers (A Robin, Green Woodpecker, Rook, and another female owl) try to break the cement by shoving her off the branch, but the plan fails. She is off the branch and still in the cement (It made her feel very slow and heavy). Toad and Spike continue playing their game, but soon become surrounded by Bully and his rat army, Spike's cover is blown when he responds to Bully's Call of "Who am I" With a "Bully Bully Bully" complete with salute! Toad tries to escape, but ends up captured. Mossy has rushed to get help, only to find Dash. Dash goes and gets some White Deer to chase her, so that they stampede over the rats, squashing nearly every one. Spike feels awful for his behavior, but he's relieved when Toad is found alive at the pond. Toad fully forgives him when Spike promises to fight like a terrier the next time it happens. Spike was kicked out of the rat plague.
11. The Worst Kind of Hurricane 7 December 1995
As Mossy predicted, a hurricane come to the area around White Deer Park. The fierce winds knock over the last Farthing Wood beech tree and releases Owl from her cement shell. After the hurricane ends, Rollo and the Warden find Shadow unconscious and take her to the cottage. Fox discovers Trey pinned under a tree. Another stag, Laird, comes to free Trey and readies to challenge him to a fight for leadership. Because of his injury, Trey reluctantly limps away abdicating his power to Laird. Afterwards, he is taken away by the Warden. Measley declares that he will take no more of Weasel's insults and decides to take their young ones back to White Deer Park. Weasel agrees wholeheartedly.
12. Homeward Bound 14 December 1995
When the weasels return home, all the animals are overrun with joy. Fox explains their problem with the rats to the weasels and asks for their help. They agree, but first they must train Fido and Cleo on how to deal with rats...using Spike as a volunteer. Mossy tells Hurkel that he found Shadow in a hutch by the Warden's cottage. While Hurkel and the weasels try to get her out, the Warden's Cat summons Rollo to get rid of them. Of course, he recognizes his weasel friends and is very happy to see them. Meanwhile, after a few fights for leadership of the herd, the white deer and Farthing animals name Laird as the new leader of White Deer Park. Elsewhere, the rats, at their largest number yet, prepare to launch a massed attack on the animals of the park.
13. Bully-Bully-Bully 21 December 1995
In the series finale, Owl and Hollow return to White Deer Park just in time to overhear Bully addressing an assembly of his rats. She goes to gather the other animals and they plan to counterattack. Plucky sends Mossy to find Laird so he can send the white deer to stampede the rats. But despite their best efforts, the rats are still too numerous. There seems to be no chance of stopping them, until Cleo bites off Bully's tail. All the animals, including the rats begin to laugh at Bully and he skulks off to the sewers where he came from. After the battle was won, the other rats apart from Spike returned to where they were before they came to the park and Fox calls an assembly to announce that he has decided to step down as leader of Farthingland. He places Plucky in charge despite slight protest from Ranger. Trey returns to inform the animals that the Warden has merged White Deer Park with the new sanctuary to make one large wildlife preserve. He announces that with so much more space, he has decided to lose his brutish disposition, though he is still not fond of weasels. As Fox and Trey walk away together, Plucky decides that after a hard day's fighting, everyone should rest and explore the new addition to White Deer Park the next day.

VHS releaseEdit

The third series was released on VHS in the United Kingdom in 1996. It was split into three videos; each video combining several TV episodes to form a feature-length episode of the series. Due to time constraints on the VHS, many scenes from the series were cut, meaning that the episodes were never released in full on any home media until the complete series DVD was released in 2016.

  • Volume 7: New Dangers
  • Volume 8: The Rise of the Rats
  • Volume 9: The Wanderers' Return
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