Shrew in the TV series
Name Shrew
Species Shrew (exact species unknown)
Gender Male
Mate Mrs Shrew
Offspring Various unnamed Shrews
First TV Appearance The Wood in Danger
Voiced by Jeremy Barrett (English)
Walter von Hauff (German)
Myrra Malmberg (Swedish)

Shrew is a shrew who appears in the TV series. He travels from Farthing Wood to White Deer Park with Mrs Shrew. Both shrews survive the journey to White Deer Park and live until the end of the second series, but do not appear in the third series.

Series 1

Shrew, along with Mrs.Shrew have very minor roles in the TV series. He is always seen speaking with the fieldmice and the voles. Throughout the journey, he and his mate prove to be very helpful towards the other rodents. He and the other smaller animals were left behind at the church at get lost in a golf field. This leads to them nearly getting killed by a lawnmover. Fortunately, they were brought back to the group by Kestrel along with Adder. He and his mate arrive safely at White Deer Park.

Series 2

Shrew and his mate struggle gravely during the winter. At one point, he nearly gets preyed on fox. He survives the winter with his mate and are believed to have many offspring. He appears at the final episode of the second season along with his mate.

Series 3

Shrew and his mate do not appear in the third season as they are believed to have died of old age.

Although, he does not appear in the books, there were some shrews in the books. However, the shrews all died out before the journey.

There are Farthing Wood Shrews in the books but, none traveled to White Deer Park with the other animals.


TV series

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