Sooty HQ
Sooty in the TV series
Name Sooty
Species Felis catus (Domestic Short-Haired Cat in the Books)
Gender Female
Status Alive
Mate None
Offspring None
First Book Appearance In the Path of the Storm
First TV Appearance Adventure for the Birds
Voiced by Stacy Jefferson

Sooty is a female cat who appears in the books and the TV series. She is encountered by Tawny Owl when he becomes stranded in a house while in Farthinghurst. In the books she is a black cat as her name suggests, but in the TV series she is yellow and her name is never mentioned.


Sooty meets Tawny Owl when she goes up into the attic to inspect what is up there. She asks Owl how he got in and tells him that there is no other way out now that the window has shut. She then tells him that she is responsible for keeping vermin and other creatures out of the house, although she makes no attempt to try and attack him. When the small boy enters the attic, Sooty affectionately nuzzles him and Tawny Owl quickly makes his escape.

TV seriesEdit

In the TV series Sooty remains hidden for a while before finally revealing herself and watching the Moth-Eaten Rook's attempts to break through the window, which she finds very amusing. She also tells Owl that she has never heard of Farthing Wood and informs her that the house they are in is called Farthinghurst, but she eventually realises that there may have been a wood there before the houses were built. When the small boy comes up the stairs, Sooty goes back into hiding so that her owners don't suspect that she brought Owl into the house.



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