For the male stoat from the books, see Stoat (books).
For the stoats that lived in Farthing Wood, see Farthing Wood Stoats.
"A stoat's beneath the notice of a Lady like you!"
— The stoat
Female Stoat
Stoat watching Fox and Vixen
Name Stoat
Species Stoat
Gender Female
Mate Unknown
Offspring Unknown
First TV Appearance Winter
Voiced by Stacy Jefferson

The Stoat is a female stoat that makes three cameo appearances in the second series of The Animals of Farthing Wood. As she only appears during the winter, she is seen with her white winter fur. She is voiced by Stacy Jefferson.

She first appears when Fox and Vixen are out hunting: Fox stalks her, but she escapes. Later she overhears them talking, and while she is walking home, possibly to her mate, Lady Blue gives chase to her, and nearly kills her, but lets her go when the stoat tells her of Fox and Vixen's plans to stop the poachers.


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