Wild boar
Wild boar confronts Weasel and her family
Name Wild Boar
Species Feral pig
Gender Male
Status Alive
Mate Unnamed sow
Offspring Unnamed piglets, I'll Never Be Sausages (adopted)
First TV Appearance A Bigger Oink
Voiced by Ron Moody (English)
Stefan Orlac (German)

Wild Boar is a boar that appears only in the TV series. He is first seen in the episode "A Bigger Oink" after hearing I'll Never Be Sausages snoring loudly.

Initially hostile towards the weasel family, Wild boar is eventually flattered by Weasel and is convinced to adopt I'll Never Be Sausages and raise the piglet as his own.

Wild Boar is last seen after the hurricane, found by the weasel family crying over the loss of his mate, who had been killed during the storm. I'll Never Be Sausages tells the weasels that wild boar and himself would be leaving the copse to stay with some of Wild Boar's grown litters, stating it'd be good for the piglet to be around as many pigs as possible. I'll Never Be Sausages says a reluctant goodbye to Cleo and Fido as both he and Wild Boar leave the copse for good.

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